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CCOSA Membership is for ADMINISTRATORS serving at ANY level and in any capacity at the state, school district, or site level. Members who serve as administrators are not precluded from joining other CCOSA Associations.

OAESP Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals — $300
OASSP Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals — $315
OASA* Oklahoma Association of School Administrators
$405 - Superintendents     $385 - Central Office Staff
ODSS Oklahoma Directors of Special Services — $265
OARSA Oklahoma Association of Retired School Administrators — $35
*Not eligible for professional liability insurance or cyber security optional benefit and must have been an active CCOSA member for a minimum of three years prior to retirement.
*Active membership in OASA shall consist of personnel from the following educational groups who have paid dues to this association: public school superintendents, and, their respective central office administrative staff, State Department of Education administrative staff, Oklahoma colleges and universities administrative staff, Oklahoma School Boards administrative staff, State Department of Career and Technical Education administrative staff and technology center superintendents and their respective administrative staff, and executive directors of organizations formed to advocate solely for public schools and their respective administrative staff. Administrators, superintendents, members, employees, and similar of not-for profit charter, for-profit charter, virtual charter blended schools, non-local board of education sponsored charter schools, and any other organizations that have a similar purpose as these listed organizations are not eligible for any class of OASA membership.

Associate Memberships

Associate Memberships are for School Employees that are not Administrators and are not considered active CCOSA Members.

OAESP/OMLEA Associate$150
OASSP/OMLEA Associate$150
University Associate$50
Persons currently ENROLLED with state colleges/universities & not holding an administrator position
Business Associate$150
Business membership is open to any business entity willing to partner with CCOSA. Business members shall not be eligible to vote, hold office, or receive individual active member benefits.
ODSS Associate$150
OASA Associate**$150
**Associate membership in OASA shall consist of all other personnel who have not been defined as eligible active members and who have paid dues to this association: local board of education sponsored charter school and tribal school superintendents and their respective central office administrative staff, public school support staff serving in an administrative role and who are eligible for membership in any other educational related association. Associate membership will allow the member to participate in professional learning opportunities offered by the association at a member rate. Associate membership will be a non-voting status, not eligible for association awards or to hold an office in the association. Associate membership does not include advocacy efforts on the part of the member.

National Memberships (Optional)

Please note that joining a national association does NOT make you a member of CCOSA.

NAESP National Association of Elementary School Principals
$259 Principal
$219 Asst. Principal
$99 Emeritus
NASSP National Association of Secondary School Principals
$250 Full Member
AASA American Association of School Administrators
$235 Less than 350 students
$470 More than 350 students
$79 Retired
CEC/CASE Council for Exceptional Children/Council of Administrators of Special Education
$275 Full Member